Yoni Oil: To Awaken Your Divine Feminine

Enhance your self-care and pleasure practice by intimately connecting to your yoni with our all natural plant-based yoni oil infused with sensual aphrodisiacs.

The sacred scent of rose and vetiver opens the energy channels for Goddess-like intimacy while the aphrodisiacs stimulate the areas, providing blood flow and extra sensitivity to your vulva and breasts.

INSTRUCTIONS: Cherish her and love her b y delicately applying half a dropper of oil on clean, warm hands and rub the interior and exterior regions of your labia, clitoris, upper pubis, and perineum.

Invite the sensuality of your inner thighs as they are apart of awakening the Goddess within and enhance your experience when stimulated.

Breathe deeply and explore the areas by pressing in a downward-forward motion.