Lubets Massage Oil


Two Hands, One Destiny.
Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with getting lost along the way. I’m the one that brings you your heart’s desire. My ingredients, together with my divine fig aroma, enhance the warming massage experience. We make you forget the world, and we place you in the present that surrounds you, getting all over and inside of you. You’ll finish with a smile on your face and super-soft skin, smelling delicious. We warn you, it is addictive. You’ll want it over and over again! It’s time to learn what desire really means.
Massage oil enriched with sweet almond oil, baobab oil, prickly pear oil and camellia oil. Fig aroma.
Apply me to your hand or directly to wherever you want to massage. Relax and enjoy. I am only for external use (I can’t be ingested).
I am dermatologically tested and, thanks to my active ingredients, I respect the pH of your skin. Apply me directly to your most intimate areas, or wherever you want to massage. I am only for external use.