Convo & Chill - After Dark Edition


Convo and Chill - After-Dark edition is a fun way to get to know someone’s sexual preferences.

The After Dark are conversation starters to spark fun discussions about sex with your friends, guests or romantic partner. These conversation starters will help you break the ice, learn & explore each other’s sexual fantasies, talk about sexual preferences, discover likes and dislikes and openly discuss sexual desires or concerns.

Ages: 18+ | Players: 2-10+| Time: 60-80 minutes | 50 Question Cards

When to Use 1. Before Sex 2. Date Night In 3. Video Calls 4. Dating Apps 5. Travel 6. House Party 7. Podcasts 8. YouTube 9. Live Stream

Product Benefits 1. Have fun engaging in mental foreplay 2. Understand someone sexual preferences 3. Eliminate the guess work out of sex 4. Helps build sexual chemistry 5. Improves overall sexual experiences