Love Potion Body & Bath Oil Organic Rose Quartz


About this product

Aphrodisiac love potion is a synergetic blend of organic oils, botanical flowers, crystals and high vibrational energy to attract love in all forms.
Blend of organic oils known to attract love, invoke sensuality, and healing your heart to be open. Infused with rose which is known to be anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, cleanses dirt and oil from the pores. Rose is also connected to heart center and love.
Rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra and amplifies love vibrations for self and open to receive from others. A sensual aroma of rose, geranium, patchouli and citrus, so lovely for the senses. All hand crafted and bottled one at a time in ceremony with love and intention.
Self love, self care, and higher vibrations, create a sacred love ritual.
“i am love, i attract love, i open my heart to give and receive“
The ritual
Use on body or add to ritual baths. Can be used as a aphrodisiac massage oil or to anoint ritual love candles.
2 fl. Oz